About The Artist


champoy (born Janeil Sumampong Lim) is an LA-based artist born and raised in Bukidnon, a landlocked province in the Southern Philippines.

His drawings are heavily influenced by comix infused with abstracted organic patterns and humorous images lifted from his personal cosmology and culture shock.
He also assembles reclaimed and found materials, transforming these discarded items into relics from his imagination and ancestral visions.

His work bridges the experiences that run in his bloodline, a return to ways of living as part of nature, and transcending the parts within himself that are  by-products of a culture that has been strongly influenced by "the colonial forces of Catholicism and Hollywood". 

champoy also collaborates with communities and other artists to build alternative habitats and art structures that are installed clandestinely in natural environments. These structures investigate the conventions of home and space and opens up a creative exploration to our relationship with things and its functions outside the consumer capitalist models of modern living.

He teaches workshops on woodworking, comix, murals and puppet-making.
As a teaching artist, he likes to instigate and encourage creative atmospheres allowing free play and creative flow to percolate in everyday consciousness. Part of this approach is done through reassessing the structures of hierarchy in place and how it can be shifted and broken down to inspire learning and interactions that can also work outside the parameters of a traditional classroom.

photo by Rebecca Maria Goldschmidt
photo by Larry Abellana