1. Woodworking
    I teach woodworking through Sidestreet Projects, a non-profit organization based in Pasadena, CA. We teach woodworking from buses and trailers that have been converted into mobile shops where students can work on projects with safety and supervision. I have also done workshops in whittling, woodburning, tinkering and facilitated site-specific installations with older kids through organizations like YouThink, World City Center, Camp Brkdwn Brkdwn, and Antiquity Oaks.
  2. Puppet Construction
    Puppet Construction
    I do workshops on how to construct puppets from reclaimed and recycled materials. A lot of the workshops are about utilizing materials that are available and easily accessible to many. The workshops give participants an environment where they are able to have fun by building something with their hands.In doing so, it becomes an environment of openness and collaboration. A lot of the puppets then become a point of departure for conversations about certain issues that are usually difficult to talk about. The puppets can then be used for community parades, storytelling and protests. I have worked in these format with organizations such as Immigrant Youth Coalition, Filipino American National Historical Society, Sidestreet Projects, Larry Itliong Day Committee, and FASGI Bayanihan Center.
  3. Cartooning/Comics
    I teach workshops and classes on how to draw cartoons and make your own comics no matter what skill level you have. A lot of my approach is my own take on Lynda Barry's books mixed with my experience in doing theater games. Through drawing prompts and exercises, students of all ages are able to tap into their own creativity and access the places within them that will help them create the images they need to tell a story.